Diemersdal Wine Estate

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Welcome To The Home

of Diemersdal Wine Estate

Welcome to the captivating world of Diemersdal Wine Estate, where six generations of tradition and innovation intertwine to create a symphony of unique and remarkable winemaking. Diemersdal lies on the cool slopes of the Durbanville wine region, one of the Cape’s oldest wine regions and known for its unique terroir. Diemersdal holds a treasure trove of tales that have been passed down through generations of passionate winemakers.

Our History

Anno 1698


Jan Pietersz Broertjie Louw becomes a free burgher from the VOC and is granted 40 morgen of land next to the Liesbeek River in Rondebosch. Here, on the farm Louwvliet, Broertjie Louw becomes the first commercially successful wine-farmer at the Cape. After his death, the Louw familie continue to produce wine on Louwvliet until 1724.


Simon van der Stel grants farmland in Durbanville to free burgher, Hendrik Sneewind. Later, the farm changed hands to Captain Diemer when he married the widow Sneewind, and thus Diemersdal was formally established.


An inventory found in an old leather-bound book on Diemersdal dating back to 1702 lists 45 wine barrels, a wine press and glass bottles, indicating that wine has been made on the Estate for over three centuries.


The first generation of the Louw family make Diemersdal their home, continuing the winemaking legacy of the forebears on this historical estate.


Diemersdal is officially declared as a Wine Estate and releases its first wine under an own label – Diemersdal Private Collection


Having identified Sauvignon Blanc as a variety with tremendous potential in South Africa and with Diemersdal’s cool-climate terroir being ideal for growing this grape, Diemersdal releases its first Sauvignon Blanc.


Thys Louw begins working on Diemersdal as the sixth generation from the Louw family to do so. The first wine made by Thys, Eight Rows Sauvignon Blanc, is released.

Our Wine Stories

Discover Our Wines

Inside every bottle of Diemersdal wine there’s a story. Embark on a journey and discover our wines.

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The Private Cellar Club

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Welcome to the Diemersdal Private Cellar Club. A wine club created for the ardent wine lover. A club where you are one of an inspired group of loyal Diemersdal enthusiasts. In this club you will receive early access to new vintages, exclusive access to limited wines and older vintages, invitations to Private Cellar Club events, and special pricing on your favourite Diemersdal wines.

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